Dump Truck Services and Related Commodities

Klink Trucking provides the most capable and reliable dump truck services for all segments of the construction industry in our region. From small “do it yourself” projects to unlimited material quantities for private, state and federal municipal construction projects, Klink is your one-stop source. Our multiple locations allow us to access a variety of construction materials from over 100 gravel pits and stone quarries in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. We also specialize in material relocation as well as construction or demolition debris removal including clean, contaminated and hazardous.

Agricultural Lime / Gypsum

Klink Trucking supplies agricultural lime and gypsum used to treat unfavorable soil conditions such as waterlogging, excessive runoff, poor water retention, surface crusting, erosion and cultivation issues due to high sodium concentration. We carry high calcium screened materials for ease of application. Materials are stored in a protected area and are available year around.

BMP Cold Mix

BMP is a cold mix asphalt patching product specially formulated for extra pliability to facilitate patching in low temperatures with wet conditions. BMP is used for potholes, utility cuts and small overlays. BMP will allow you to fix potholes once and be a permanent patch.

Snow and Ice Control

Klink Trucking has specialized in the distribution of roadway snow and ice control products for over 15 years. Salt is procured from all the major salt suppliers and delivered to many private and municipal users throughout our region. BEET+HEET® Hot Salt is road salt treated with our own proprietary deicer BEET+HEET®. BEET+HEET® and BEET+HEET® Hot Salt have proven to be the most beneficial and cost effective snow and ice control products available. These products are distributed widely over a four state area and beyond. As a low cost alternative, many road maintenance professional have chosen regular road sand custom blended with our BEET+HEET® products.


A diverse fleet of equipment capable of an array of construction services.